Paleo for Beginners


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Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started by John Chatham is a book for people who are just starting with their Paleo diet. The book provides guidelines on how they can incorporate Paleo in their lifestyle in order to achieve healthier bodies and avoid diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and other kinds of diseases. Aside from introducing the concept of Paleo diet to the readers, there are also Paleo recipes included in the book that the readers can try out in their homes.


The book is perfect for Paleo beginners because it first prepares the readers’ mind and body before delving on the discussion about Paleo diet. In this manner, they are given the chance to fully prepare for the changes that Paleo diet will bring about to their lifestyle. The book also includes an extensive list of foods that they can eat and the recommended time on when to eat them. In addition, the author recognizes the fact that people may find it hard to follow Paleo diet and he addresses this by letting the readers know the health benefits that they can achieve once they manage to integrate Paleo in their lives.


Because of its simplicity, some people may think that the book is not worth their money. On one hand, some people claim that the recipes included in the book do not come with clear proper instructions. Some people are also sure to be disappointed with the black and white food photos that accompany the recipes. As for the practice of Paleo diet, it is quite disappointing that the book does not include the reasons why the food listed on its pages can be good for the body and be helpful in achieving a healthier body.


Most reviews agree that the book for people who are just beginning with the Paleo diet. The simple introduction on the diet and the list of practical tips that it includes will greatly help the readers on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


John Chatham is one of the most popular writers in the fields of health, fitness, and dieting. Being an expert on physiology, nutrition, and weight loss programs like gluten-free and Paleo diet, he has authored best-selling books that aim to help the readers make positive changes on their eating habits and general lifestyle.

John’s personal belief when it comes to dieting is that every individual is responsible for making the decisions that can completely change their lives.

In addition to Paleo for Beginners, he also penned other books like The Mediterranean Diets and The DASH Diet for Beginners.