Mediterranean Diet for Beginners


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Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: The Complete Guide – 40 Delicious Recipes, 7-Day Diet Meal Plan, and 10 Tips for Success by Rockridge Press offers the readers with the complete guidelines in following the Mediterranean diet. The books includes complementary recipes and tips that will help the readers in their journey towards a new diet and lifestyle. The techniques written in the book aim to guide the readers in eating the right kinds of food and with the right amount. There is also the 7-Day Diet Meal Plan to alleviate the reader’s burden of planning and preparing meals under the Mediterranean diet. With the discussion regarding the importance of the diet, the book initiates the readers in a newer and healthier way of living by following the Mediterranean dietary program.


Readers will have no trouble following the guidelines indicated in the book because they are very easy to follow. In addition, they will be more encouraged to eat the foods suggested on the book because their very importance on improving and maintaining health is well-explained. The sample daily menu plans are also perfect for those who want to have some variety with their meals. Suggestions are similarly included to help the readers as they go through their diet transition. It is interesting to note that the recipes are not that complicated and most require only a few ingredients. Overall, the book is perfect for those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle using a diet that is not too restrictive and very easy to follow.


Those who like to try out the recipes included in the book should double-check some of the important details like baking time and temperature. Accordingly, it will disappoint those who are looking for more specific details when it comes to the implementation of the Mediterranean diet. The index is also missing from the book so some readers are sure to have trouble using the book. There are also no pictures thus the readers will have no idea of what the food will look like when they try out some of the recipes. Some people who have already read the book claim that the discussions on the principles of Mediterranean diet are lacking and do not clearly explain the importance of such kind of dietary program.