The Healthy Green Drink Diet


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The Healthy Green Drink Diet: Advice and Recipes to Energize, Alkalize, Lose Weight, and Feel Great by Jason Manheim is the book for those who want to try out juicing. The books entails the health benefits that can be gained from drinking green smoothies and how the juicing process helps maximizing the amount of nutrients that can be obtained from plant foods. Knowledge on the “green drink” approach will help dieters in adding something to their diet that does not make them feel guilty. In general, the book offers an alternative way to consume greens and cleanse the body through green smoothie consumption.


The book can help those who do not have juicer in their homes because it provides tips on how to make green drinks without using a juicer. The importance of the process of blending and triturating with regards to obtaining ingredients from the vegetables are also explained. In addition, recipes that let the readers mix various kinds of green vegetables in their green smoothies are included in the book. Furthermore, discussions on some topics like the importance of alkalizing and decreased in body acidity in weight loss are mentioned in the book. Lastly, the book is written not for vegetarians alone. It may also prove useful to other people who are searching for alternative ways of including vegetables in their diet without necessarily losing their appetite.


Some readers may be disappointed with the book because it mostly contains pictures. As such, those who are looking for more detailed information will feel that the contents of the book are lacking.

We tried some of these recipes on a juicepresso and that allowed us to make some cold pressed juices at hold the most healthy way.  The debate on how healthy juicing is, is another subject. We personally enjoyed the process healthy or not is was fun and yummy and a lot more cost effective than buying a green drink from one of the local jamba juice shops.